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Open Museboxing

This is an open musebox post!


1. Pick any muse(s). They don't have to be canonmates! Canonpoints are flexible for nearly all.

2. Got a starting idea? Put it up! If not, I'll come up with one. It can be shippy or not - doesn't matter.
2A. Need a prompt? Check out any of these writing exercise generators to get you started.

3. Enjoy! Don't worry about the pace, take it as easy or fast as you want. 。^‿^。
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Luna and Usagi

[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2017-03-15 04:09 am (UTC)(link)
One. Year.

One year in Verens without Luna. It was different than being without Mamoru, she would have to spend years apart from him because he was going to Harvard. But... it was different with Luna.

Luna had been beside her through everything and anything. She was her advisor, her mentor, and her pet! Her feet were taking her wherever they wanted to, she wasn't paying attention to where she was going in the city.

When she saw kids chasing a black blur into an alley, she scowled. Brats would be brats no matter the planet, it seemed. Already in a foul mood, she went after them.

"HEY! YOU LEAVE IT ALONE, YA HEAR ME!" she snapped and her anger made the ground quake under the kids feet.
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[personal profile] lunarguardian 2017-03-15 04:33 am (UTC)(link)
Honestly, Luna hasn't had this much trouble with being picked on by kids in years. Her time with Usagi and the other Senshi didn't count seeing as how none of them would do this sort of thing to her. She'd say it was a human trait but it's already obvious that she isn't on Earth anymore.

At the moment, she's chosen to not speak out and reveal herself to these ridiculous children but Luna is all about trying to defend herself. While the feline is not particularly interested in using her emotions to scare them off, she's certainly putting her natural defenses to work - biting and scratching.

When a familiar voice started to yell and the ground began to shake, the entire group froze and turned to look at the individual responsible. Luna is so extremely glad to see the blond and took advantage of their shock to bite down on the hand that's wrapped around her tail to get the boy to let it go and she darted away.

Of course it's only natural for her to head straight for Usagi, to leap straight up from the ground to land on the girl's shoulder and peer around that blond hair to glare at the kids.
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2017-03-15 06:37 am (UTC)(link)
LUNA! Her eyes widened and then her anger flared. THEY WERE TRYING TO HURT HER LUNA!

She hugged onto Luna tight and the ground rippled again, starting to indent the alley ground.

"Don't. You. EVER touch her again. If I find out you've hurt another animal I will see to it you are punished severely," she hissed, not willing to hurt children but furious at them trying to hurt her precious Luna. The kids bolted, practically near tears and swearing to never hurt another animal.

She took deep breaths and then pulled Luna into her arms, hugging her tight.

"Oh Luna! My precious Luna! Are you hurt? Did they hurt you? Are you okay?" Usagi was practically near tears herself. "I missed you so much and I'm so sorry I didn't find you faster."
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[personal profile] lunarguardian 2017-03-15 06:49 am (UTC)(link)
While Luna doesn't mind being held it is a little concerning. Especially when accompanied by that anger towards the children. Having been in the girl's life for nearly four years now (and longer even before that), it's very obvious to her that something is bothering Usagi.

She doesn't struggle out of the hold and doesn't speak but she does butt her head against Usagi's cheek in a silent attempt to calm the girl down without words while the kids are still around.

It isn't until they're gone that she's fully swept up into a hug and accepted it knowing fully that the hug was what Usagi needed more than anything. Now she can properly talk without giving away the fact that she isn't a normal cat.

"I'm fine, Usagi." The almost tears and the worry are both something the guardian expected but she knew Usagi too well to think it was a small thing. She peered up at the blond with concnern. "Are you okay?"
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"I just - I've missed you so much! And those children were picking on you and I was so worried about what they might have done. I haven't seen you in so long and I shouldn't have gotten so angry but the first time I see you again is seeing some nasty kids trying to hurt you!" now she WAS in tears because she was both so glad and relieved to have Luna in her arms again a bit ashamed to have gotten that mad at kids of all things.

But good, let them be petrified at the thought of hurting another animal again, they already had had someone attacking animals and even killing some of them earlier in the year. She didn't know what those boys might have been capable of. She pressed kisses all over Luna's face and head.
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[personal profile] lunarguardian 2017-03-15 07:59 am (UTC)(link)
"Everything is fine, Usagi. I'm not hurt and I'm here now." Not that she's doing much to stop the girl from hugging or kissing her. More that she's trying to comfort the princess now that she's properly crying. Though her ears do twitch whenever Usagi got too close to them and was tickling them. At one point she does press one paw to the girl's face and pats it as best she can in this position.

"You gave those kids such a good fright that I'm certain they won't try to hurt any animals from now on." She's certain that she could have handled the little brats had she needed to but for the most part they had only been picking on her but it hadn't hurt that badly. Now Luna wiggled in Usagi's hold, trying to get the girl to let her go at least a little bit.
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2017-03-15 08:34 am (UTC)(link)
She took a deep breath and eased up a little, but didn't let go completely. She hasn't had Luna in her arms in a year, it's going to be hard for her to let the little black cat go.

Usagi sniffled and wiped her eyes, smiling and pressing one final kiss on Luna's crescent moon.

"Has anyone explained anything to you, do you know where you are or what's going on?"
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[personal profile] lunarguardian 2017-03-15 08:51 am (UTC)(link)
Luna shifted a bit to get more comfortable in that looser grip, to snuggle in while also turning enough so that she can watch where they might be going. It's clear that Usagi has been here a while and most likely has somewhere to live or at least somewhere she is headed to. She's going to need to know where that is if she ever left the place on her own and expected to find her way back.

"I've heard most of it explained to other new arrivals." No one worried about a black cat listening in. While she did her best to not intrude on private and intimate conversations, Luna has already gathered as much information she possibly could without having to ask for it straight out. Which meant that she certainly had quite a lot already. "I also went by the Welcome Center and managed to sneak in when someone opened the door."

As such there is a new accessory Luna is carrying about, a loose-fitting small chain is around her neck with a crescent-moon shaped crystal attached.
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"Well, you're in luck because I can get you a pamphlet and head to the library. You just pick out the books you want and you can sit in my lap." While she knew Luna was very capable of turning pages on her own, if Luna wanted to pretend to be a normal kitty, Usagi would oblige. She was headed back to the house where she stayed with the girls and Helios.

"This must be your amulet," she smiled as she gently tapped the new necklace. "Would you like it on a ribbon instead?" since Luna didn't do collars. "Maybe something bright yellow," she winked. "Aaaah the girls are going to be so excited to see you! And I can show you where I work! I own my own business, Luna!"
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[personal profile] lunarguardian 2017-03-15 09:23 am (UTC)(link)
She isn't sure just how long she's going to pretend to be a normal cat but the suggestion about going to library and sitting on Usagi's lap is fine for now. The girl has missed her and this way they can spend time together even while Luna went about finding out more about this world. Luna gazed up at Usagi fondly. "Will you be able to sit still while I read?"

A slight bob of her head that could be considered a nod. "A ribbon would be better, though it might slip off." Definitely not looking at Usagi at the choice in color. That is a very interesting spot in the road. She cleared her throat after a moment. "Who else is here?" As for the business, that does get Luna to look back at Usagi. "A business?"

Please don't say it's an arcade, Usagi. Luna doesn't know if there's enough techology to be an arcade but if there were any games - Usagi would find it.
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"I'll bring a sketch pad, or find a romance novel," a land without TV and video games and movies meant Usagi was forced to expand her interest and the wheel landed on drawing and romance novels.

"The necklace could too. But I would feel more comfortable with you wearing a ribbon than a simple chain," because she wouldn't want it getting tangled or worse, now that Luna was in her arms. "Well, I came first back in June or er... well, their June not our June. Minako-chan and Rei-chan followed the month after that, then Makoto-chan, Chibiusa-chan, Helios-kun, and Setsuna-san. Makoto and Chibiusa have gone back home, though, so it's just the five of us from home plus Mabel-chan living at the house."

"Mmhmm! I'm the proud founder and head of White Rose Wedding and Party Planning Agency!" She grinned wide. "And I'm also the representative for Elios! And... Also um... I uh... got a dog."
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[personal profile] lunarguardian 2017-03-15 09:49 am (UTC)(link)
"Does the library allow you to take things home? I wouldn't want to keep you there all day," Luna said gently. It's fine for an hour or two but surely Usagi has other things to be doing. Chances were that the feline would be pouring over books for days - weeks even depending on how much information was available. Plus then Usagi wouldn't have to continuous change the page for her all the time. Of course it would be in between all her wandering through the city.

"I'll be sure not to lose it," she promised. The crystals were important and Luna knew it. She listened as Usagi talked about who was here, who had left and the unsaid of who was never here. Usagi has been here all this time and not seen Mamoru - the girl certainly wouldn't have failed to mention it to Luna. "Who's Mabel-chan?" It was the only unfamiliar name in the list which meant it was someone who wasn't from their part of the world, at the very least.

"You always did know how to throw a party." Not exactly a business she ever thought Usagi would take up but certainly one that suited her. "What are your duties as the representive? A dog?" Luna isn't particularly afraid of dogs so long as they aren't trying to eat or bite her. Though her tail is flicking a little against the girl's stomach.
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2017-03-16 06:09 am (UTC)(link)
"I think so, yeah. If not we'll figure something out! We always do! And Setsuna, Helios, and Rei are all super smart and can help where I might not be able to! Oh! Let's get you a bright blue ribbon! Something to match your eyes!" she gently tapped Luna's nose. "I'll make sure you get the information you need and want, Luna!" she pressed another kiss to Luna's brow.

"Mabel-chan is a 13 year old who is staying with us. She's really sweet and about as bubbly as I am! Maybe even more so! She's reeeallly fond of glitter. But she's been staying with us for weeks now!"

At the mention of the duties she was going to respond but then blushed.

"Okay look, it's just- I hadn't had you for a year, Luna! And I mean, you've been sleeping in my bed practically every night for the past FOUR. I just... I was getting lonely and hugging a pillow at night wasn't... And I didn't feel right about getting another cat! How could any cat match up to you? But it's okay! Orion is a really good dog! He's very gentle and a puppy, he'll obey you just fine. He's going to be a really big dog too, so you can ride him when he's older!"
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[personal profile] lunarguardian 2017-03-16 08:33 am (UTC)(link)
"There's no need to figure it out right away. I can wait a day or two." Not that Luna would be idle during that time but she can certainly get by without going to the library for a couple of days. Her duty is to look after Usagi so she could spend some time learning about the girl's business and offer any help in that area. It's clear that Usagi has missed her a great deal and it wouldn't do either of them any good for Luna to stick her nose in a book immediately after arriving. "You could always change the color of the ribbon every time I recieve a new crystal." As long as the color wasn't absolutely terrible, the Mauian didn't have a preference.

While she can see the Senshi taking in a young child, Luna is not impressed with the part where this Mabel-chan is reeeallly fond of glitter. "Please let her know I don't want to be cleaning glitter out of my fur."

Her ears turn to the sides as she listened to Usagi ramble on about the dog, obviously trying to sell the idea to her. "Calm down, Usagi. It's fine for you to have a dog. Just so long as there's nothing for me to worry about." She simply doesn't want to be a chewtoy or a snack, that's all.
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2017-03-18 07:24 am (UTC)(link)
"Let's start with blue! Oh, and then a nice pink! Then yellow, of course, your signature color! You've always looked beautiful in yellow!" she pressed a kiss to Luna's cheek.

"Don't worry, Luna, I won't let you get dirty. And she'll probably cuddle you like I do! Though you're sleeping with me every night, make no mistake about that. She's good about taking care of Orion. And Orion was trained to like cats, I promise. He's going to love you... And Rei-chan got Phobos and Deimos when she first arrived! For a while... Diana was here, but Artemis hasn't shown up yet."
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[personal profile] lunarguardian 2017-03-19 08:59 am (UTC)(link)
"Whatever you want, Usagi." Luna could indulge this ribbon changing. Chances were that the ribbons would get dirty and need to be changed anyway. Hopefully not too often but she didn't spend all of her time inside.

It would be a bit of a bother to share a house with someone who didn't know about Luna but it isn't all that different from living with Usagi's family. So long as the dog was well-behaved then she could handle that as well. "I'll be with you every night." Sleeping next to the girl's head, sharing the pillow with her. At least while Usagi slept alone. As for the state of her own family, it will be hard without Artemis and Luna was used to missing Diana these days. "We will just have to get by without the boys or the children." They could do it together.
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[personal profile] lightthedarkness 2017-03-20 07:47 am (UTC)(link)
Usagi merely hugged Luna closer and a tiny bit tighter, unable to let go now that Luna was in her arms again. She smiled.

"Don't worry about Mabel-chan, okay. Even if she found out you were able to talk, she's taken a lot of things in stride, okay? We'll cross that bridge when we need to, but you can still be yourself as much as you need. And we'll definitely do it together. It's kinda like the old days, yeah? Back when we first started all this together."
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Lloyd and colette

[personal profile] klutzette 2017-03-15 04:21 am (UTC)(link)
((wanna help me learn her voice even though I'm already in a game with her ? I'm good with ship or no ship and pretty much anything but smut))
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[personal profile] transcendentalist 2017-03-15 04:37 am (UTC)(link)
((Sure! Any particular canonpoint you want to play around with? I do enjoy Lloyd and Colette cute fluff~))
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[personal profile] klutzette 2017-03-16 05:43 pm (UTC)(link)
((you know, I didn't think that far. Uh. Not soulless for obvious reasons. Maybe like something cute with them in Palmacosta or something? it's totally not a date but it's a date I'm open to most things though so if you have something else you want to do we can try that!))
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[personal profile] transcendentalist 2017-03-19 09:29 am (UTC)(link)
[He's been alone with Colette lots of times before but this time felt different. The world was saved and it was generally just the two of them traveling the world collecting exspheres. This time still felt different from all the other nights they'd been alone at either some inn or camped out around a fire. When they'd gotten to Palmacosta earlier, both Regal and Presea had been around to greet them before heading off to take care of business elsewhere. Dinner had been pretty normal but now here they were, underneath the stars standing by the ocean and Lloyd was nervous.

A scratch to the back of his head.]
So what did you think of the play?

[It had been a romance - a story of two individuals who were friends and had been for a while. At the end, the two friends had ended up together, a kiss to seal their new relationship. That was about the point when Lloyd had started to feel like tonight was different. The story had a lot of similarities to him and Colette.]
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[personal profile] klutzette 2017-03-20 02:32 am (UTC)(link)
It was really good! I think it's so sweet that they were best friends before they ever got together.

[Kind of like, her and Lloyd, now that she thought about it - minus the getting together part, of course. That was really the only major difference between them and the play: they hadn't kissed or confessed their love. If there was really any love to confess. They've known each other practically their whole lives and they've been mostly alone for the past few months; surely Lloyd would have said something by now if he felt that way about her. It's tough, but if that's the way it's going to be, Colette's happy to at least remain his friend.]

What about you? Did you like it?

[He's been fairly quiet since they left the theater. Maybe he saw the parallels too and it's making him uncomfortable.]
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Athrun and Kaname + Athrun and Feldt

[personal profile] infinitejustice 2017-03-18 12:21 am (UTC)(link)
[Anything in particular you'd like to do? I'm mainly looking for shippy stuff, especially fluff or hurt/comfort. I've also got some favorite memes here.]
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Love confessions!

[personal profile] whisperdangel 2017-03-19 09:58 am (UTC)(link)
[She hated this. Hated that he was going to get inside of his gundam, fly away where people would be trying to shoot him down and that she might not ever get to see him again. Yet Kaname couldn't tell him not to. Couldn't tell him to stay despite the fear that was wrapped around her heart so tightly that she was sure it wasn't even beating anymore. The world was at war and soon enough it would be at their doorstep. Innocent people could die but he has the ability to stop that.

It doesn't make this goodbye any easier though. Kaname's been quiet as people are bustling about the hangar, they're all so busy getting everything ready to send Athrun out there where he might die. She knows that he's an excellent pilot, that he could possibly come home without a scratch on him - be the victor.

But ever since he told her that he was going, something has been weighing on her mind. They've been friends for a while now. Started dating not that long ago and it's been great. She's enjoyed the time they've had together but when the news came that he was going off to war - that's when certain thoughts kicked in to overdrive. Kaname feels like they're running out of time together. And technically they are if that clock on the far wall is accurate. In less than an hour, Athrun would be gone. She'd insisted on coming along, not wanting to say goodbye at her door but wanting to spend every possible second with him. It doesn't matter if he's busy finalizing all the necessary checks, she just wanted to be by his side.

His back is to her currently and maybe that's unfair but it's now or never.]

I love you. [It's the first time she's said it. Before she's admitted to liking him romantically, enough to be his girlfriend but Kaname hasn't spoken those three words before.

Her hand reaches out to grab the back of his suit, stepping towards him until she can press her forehead into his back.]
I love you. So you have to come back to me. I don't care how long it takes but you have to come back.

[Oh, now there are the tears that she's been holding back all this time.]
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[personal profile] infinitejustice 2017-03-24 09:08 pm (UTC)(link)
[Athrun doesn't want to go. More than anything, he wishes he could stay right where he is. Him and Kaname, forever. She means the world to him at this point.

But he knows he has to. He has the power to make a difference. And it's because of his feelings for the girl standing behind him that he has to go. He has to keep her safe and living in a just world.

But when she says the words he's hoped to hear, he comes to a stop. He lets her approach and press against his back. He bows his head, letting his gaze fall to the ground.]

That's the first time you've said the words to me.

[He then pauses for a moment. Just two normal breaths. Then he turns around to face her.]

I love you, too.

[He reaches out with one finger to catch the tears that begin to flow from her eyes.]

And I will come back. If I didn't come back, I would never forgive myself. I love you too much to lose you.

[That's both his own love confession and his raison d'etre. He's going to preserve the land they live in so he doesn't lose her. He's determined to come back so that, likewise, he doesn't lose her.]
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Settled down & a patched up sort of thing

[personal profile] ptolemaiospitcrew 2017-03-19 11:10 am (UTC)(link)
[It's been a year since Athrun joined Celestial Being. It'd taken months for most of the others to come to trust him - especially their more cautious members like Tieria and Setsuna but now he was another member of the team. Well, actually he was more like another family member ever since he and Feldt had gotten married last week. They'd started out as collegues, talking about various systems of both ship and Gundams and it had bloomed from there. Friendship had followed followed by romance until they'd gotten married.

Unfortunately they haven't exactly had much of a honeymoon as a mission had taken Athrun away from the ship for nearly the entire week they've been married. Now he was back and Feldt was making her way across the hangar to greet him. She grabs on to his Gundam to stop herself from drifting past the open cockpit, a soft smile at the sight of him.

Which fades with concern when she notices there's a cut on his forehead. It doesn't look serious but Feldt can't help but worry a little. With her other hand she reaches out to gently push his hair out of the way so she can have a proper look.]

You're hurt. [There's no fresh blood but it certainly hadn't been there when he'd left a week ago.]
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[personal profile] infinitejustice 2017-03-24 09:46 pm (UTC)(link)
[It was good to be back. Athrun doesn't even wait to disembark from his Gundam to take his helmet off. Now that he's finally back, he wants nothing more than to relax and catch up on lost time with his new wife.

Luckily for him, Feldt happens to come see him first. Unluckily, she notices the cut on his forehead.]

It's nothing, really.

[He remains in place as Feldt pushes his bangs out of the way.]

I've already taken care of it. Just need to wait for it to heal, that's all.

[It's true. Athrun knows some first aid, and that includes tending to a cut. He's already applied an antiseptic/styptic mixture to keep the cut clean and prevent bleeding.]

Please, don't worry.
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Velvet Crowe pls :)

[personal profile] get_a_room 2017-03-21 03:16 am (UTC)(link)
[ Another day, another month, another year passed by. Endlessly, it had all been the same to the Earth Seraph. Life on the Sacred Mountain remained as it was, empty and full of solitude. The face of one person she wanted to see never showed up.

Some part of her hoped that one day it'd happen, other days the letters would give her hope, but eventually, it was all too frustrating. She wasn't going to wait anymore. No matter what happened, she was capable of keeping herself safe. She had to prove that at least and down the sacred mountain she went and wandering she did.

Unfortunately, this time of the year it was snowing, so Edna popped her umbrella with the hanging normin and casually strolled. ]
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your wish is my command ^_^

[personal profile] oligomania 2017-03-21 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
[The world changed while she "slept". Continents were drifting together and malak could no longer be seen by humans anymore but Velvet - she could still them. Mostly that was due to the fact that she was a daemon, wasn't human anymore. She isn't sure just how long has passed but it seemed as if Eleanor was gone now. Rokurou, Eizen, Laphicet and Magilou were who-knew-where and Innominat is... still sleeping. She's not sure how or why she's awake but it's given her the opportunity to leave and come down to the surface world.

Maybe see enough of this new world so that she can dream of it too when she returns.

So far it seems relatively peaceful. No one appears to notice when the daemons are living among them anymore. There also are less of them around in general. Though Velvet suspects that getting rid of malevolence completely will never happen unless someone was able to use Innominat's power. Despite a daemon's appearance going as unnoticed as the malaks, Velvet is visible. There aren't many who question her lack of clothing in this weather though she does get some odd looks.

From what she's used to, there aren't many malak running about the villages. None are tethered to humans and the few who are around seem to be in control of their own lives. Definitely not a perfect existence but better than it had been. It's as she's moving about the town and learning about this changing world that a flash of yellow is seen out of the corner of her eye. Her first thought is that it might be Eizen but she thinks that he might still be hanging around the Van Eltia.

However, she does recognize the figure that's wandering about. Invisible to most but not to her. Velvet leaves the vendor and crosses over to get closer to the girl, eyes fixed on that normin doll who looks... extremely familiar. Ah, that's why.]

So you kept it. We went through a lot a trouble to get that for you.
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oh man i'm getting feels just from the tag alone.

[personal profile] get_a_room 2017-03-21 04:51 am (UTC)(link)
[ The world continued to change, and those who were involved were eventually forgotten by time. Even now, she had yet to find her brother, who had been silent for over a hundred years. It was concerning when she was used to getting those ridiculous grammatically error letters with his seal.

Eventually it became something she had adopted to be part of him. Not having them now made her worried and it was also the main reason why she was done waiting and went to search for him herself. The world wasn't perfect, but it was better with much thanks to those who had sacrificed their lives for the cause. Edna of course only knew of such things through written letters.

She hardly even glanced at Velvet when she was walking, but soon noticed that the scantily dressed woman was giving off a large amount of malevolence and that source of malevolence was making its way closer to her. She could only keep moving and dismissing the fact before the woman spoke to her. The twirling umbrella stopped, and the petite seraph craned her head back giving Velvet a flat look. ]

Did you want me to graciously thank you for it, or perhaps apologize that you had to go through such trouble to obtain it?

[ If anyone knew Edna, she was known for her sharp tongue and she was also quick to say rather abrasive things. ]

Let me guess, you must be one of them-- the ones he spoke of in the letters?

[ It would be dumb for Edna to ask who she was. The letters described them to her and she remembered the description thoroughly. He talked about his friend quite often and she did look like someone he'd spend his time around. ]