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This is an open musebox post!


1. Pick any muse(s). They don't have to be canonmates! Canonpoints are flexible for nearly all.

2. Got a starting idea? Put it up! If not, I'll come up with one. It can be shippy or not - doesn't matter.
2A. Need a prompt? Check out any of these writing exercise generators to get you started.

3. Enjoy! Don't worry about the pace, take it as easy or fast as you want. 。^‿^。
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Prompt 1

[Night time while on the sea is one of Velvet's preferred time to be out on the deck of the Van Eltia. Most of the crew is below either eating in between their loud bouts of conversation and laughter or already hunkered down for the night. It means the quietest and emptiest place on the ship is on the deck with the few hands are still working to keep the ship moving along their course. Most of them don't bother to seek her out or attempt to talk to her when she's out and about, moving about their tasks while giving her space.

She's taken to sitting here and letting her gaze drift out over the quiet of the sea. In the dark of night she can even see the stars reflected in the distant stillness of the water, only broken when the Van Eltia cuts through it and disturbs the calm. On nights like this the sea is very much like Velvet, calm and serene on the surface but underneath lurks an immense danger - one capable of claiming any life that's unfortunate enough to fall in. It's something Velvet is reminded of every time they happen to be on board the ship on a night like this one. Sometimes a storm can come out of no where and threaten to consume everything that manages to get swept up in its raging waters. Only few are brave enough to face it down so it only seemed to make sense that Velvet would find herself aligned with those same individuals.

A light blooms behind her as the door that leads below deck opens and Velvet turns her head a small bit to see just who's coming up. Chances were good that if it wasn't one of the pirates then they were up here to find her.]

Prompt 2

[They've taken up a couple of rooms at the local inn and Velvet has commandeered the kitchen in order to make a meal. Just because she can't taste the food doesn't mean that she can't still cook. Usually she has Laphicet as her taste-tester so all of her dishes come out relatively good and hardly anyone ever complains about them (unless she's made mabo curry for the fifth time in a row). Tonight she's made a pork dish with a side of vegetables and potatoes.

For after the meal she's made pudding but only the young malak is aware of that fact as they're all sitting down to eat. Seeing as how Velvet can't actually enjoy her own meal, she can take the opportunity to look around at the others. Velvet has always enjoyed this part of cooking - getting to see how it's enjoyed, to see how their faces light up with the first bite.]

Prompt 3

[Wildcard. Can be canon or otherwise. Anything goes!]
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[Yuri found himself hating living in the house. Didn't really know why considering he had memories of living in it. Maybe because it contradicted the memories he had of traveling so much. Maybe it was simply the idea that he didn't feel like he really belonged there. It had no real sense of the feeling home should produce in his heart. He felt like a stranger inside his own house and so he spent as little time there as possible. During the day it wasn't so bad, he could go anywhere he wanted - duck into shops, walk around and look at all the people.

At night though, he'd sometimes end up walking up to his darkened house and not even bother going past the front door. The best times where when he stayed late over at Alice's. Even though her house didn't give off the sense of home either, the fact that Alice was there was enough for him to ignore that feeling. Anywhere Alice was is exactly where Yuri wanted to be. So when she let him stay the night were the best.

When she didn't, Yuri would often find himself taking to the woods to spend the night out camping. Had himself a permanent place out there. There was a ring of rocks where he built his fires and had blankets, a tent and everything he'd need even in the middle of winter. Blanca seemed to prefer this as well. Rarely did the wolf take to being in the house. Actually, he liked being in the houses even less than Yuri did so he was often coming along when Yuri was out camping or would take up space in Alice's backyard when the nights weren't too cold or the weather wasn't bad.

Tonight is one of the nights where Yuri shows up on Alice's porch, ringing the doorbell at a decent hour. It's not yet dark outside but he hadn't exactly called to tell her that he was going to be showing up either.]
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[Everything is soft. He's sure there hadn't been a softness before. Actually, Naruto is absolutely positive that there was pain and a grittiness that seemed to surround him. The evil voice in his head had been shouting at him to stay awake even as he sank into darkness. Any pain he had before was only a memory now, a result of the Kyuubi's regenerative healing capabilities that prevented his host from dying. He remembers fighting a rogue ninja and being hit by something he couldn't quite see. Whatever it was had knocked him to his knees and he hadn't been able to get up. Not for a lack of trying, though. Every movement sent boiling hot waves through his body, arms and legs grew heavy until he couldn't move. The jutsu had drained his physical strength while eating up his chakra as fast as he could form it.

In the end, Naruto had been bested by his opponent and his last memory was collapsing face down into the sand while futilely stating that he'd defeat the other ninja. A sharp pain had bloomed across the back of his head as the rogue slammed his foot down and finally sending him into darkness.

Without making a sound, Naruto forces his eyes open only to see nothing but more darkness. Though it's not the same kind of black that comes with being unconscious. Something is blocking his vision and it isn't that he's buried somewhere out in the desert. The softness tells him that. He lifts a hand to squish down the softness beneath his head and a faint white light falls over a pillow. Naruto isn't exactly sure where he is or how he got here but he can only assume that someone found him and dragged him out from beneath the boiling sun. For now, he's safe.

That's just how he feels. This is a safe place. Which is why he allows himself to stay relaxed though he does roll over onto his side and waits for some kind of twinge of remaining pain only to not experience it. Strange considering how bad the hurt had been when he'd been hit by that jutsu or poison or... whatever.

The only pain is in his throat. Naruto feels as if he swallowed a gallon of sand after collapsing, he sounds like it too when he manages to speak.]

Where am I?
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you know the tropes by now: the room goes dark. you are kidnapped. you "rest your eyes for a moment". maybe you are dead. here is a meme to play out the PRESS START effect of joining a new game, the exciting first log where everyone gets to know each other. select your options!

• Leave a comment with your choice of character.
• Select a scenario + prompts. Mix and match!
• Have fun!

001 FUTURISTIC | Zapped into the future via time/space portal.
002 SEX-GAME | You're here to fuck your way to a better life/worship gods.
003 FANTASY | Live out your LARPing/GoT dreams.
004 HORROR | Science gone wrong? Monsters coming to eat you? Are YOU a monster now? Enjoy.
005 BORROWERS | Honey, I shrank the characters.
006 WARZONE | Grab your guns and magical wands.
007 SUPERCITY | Are you one of the good guys or not?
008 UNDERWATER | There IS no 'surface world'. Oh dear.
009 SPACE | Whether on a station or encountering other ships from your own.
000 WILD CARD | Your call.

001 LABS | A hospital or private facility
002 BEDROOM | Part of a bigger house.
003 MORGUE | Wake up alone or knock out the guy with the scalpel and escape.
004 BEACH | Sand gets EVERYWHERE. Go away, Mister Crab!
005 FOREST | A magical/beautiful glade. Oh look, a unicorn.
006 APARTMENT | It's all yours!
007 CAVE | A few supplies are nearby ... and maybe bones.
008 CONTAINMENT | Please wait while your results are analyzed.
009 DUNGEON/PRISON | Could be sexy, could ... really not.
000 WILD CARD | Your call.

001 SCARED | Calming someone down.
002 ANGRY | They better let you out or it's clobberin' time!
003 MELANCHOLY | Hopelessness of the emo variety.
004 HAPPY | This is great! Don't you think?
005 HORNY | Induced hormonal shift? Just up for it right away? Tap that.
000 WILD CARD | Your call.

You're now in a universe where destined soul mates exist! Anything can happen.

• Leave a comment with your choice of character.
• Select a scenario + prompts. Mix and match!
• Have fun!

I TATTOOS | Your character has a tattoo of the first words the love of their life will say to them
II FAMILIARS | Your character has an animal tattoo representing their soul mate on them. usually they move around too!
II GLOW | The first time your character sees their soul mate, their chests glow!
IV WORLD IN COLOR | Life is literally black and white, until you see your soul mate for the first time
V TOUCH | Your characters have no idea who their soul mate is until they touch them
VI TICK TOCK |VII DREAMS | Where your character constantly dreams in their soul mate's point of view until they meet
VIII 'TIL DEATH DO US PART | Only your character's true love is able to kill them
IX REINCARNATION | Your character meets their love, and remember their past lives together at the same time
X WILD CARD | Your call.

I FIRST MEETING | You've never met this person before.
II CHILDHOOD MATES | You've always known this person -- but on one particular birthday, everything changes.
III TOGETHER | You've been in a relationship for awhile now! happily wed or not, you decide.
IV NOT TOGETHER | You've known you're soul mates for a long time, and yet have avoided a relationship.
X WILD CARD | Your call.

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[It had been over ten years since Asgard. Jamie had ended back in Burgess Pennisylvania. Back in his bed where he'd been before being taken to another planet with aliens and gods and people from across all time periods. Except, he hadn't been alone. When he woke up Alice was asleep on his glow-in-the-dark space bedsheets, her hand tucked in his as if they were both afraid to let go.]

[There hadn't been a way to get her home to her time and Jamie's mom hardly believed the story about traveling to another world. Still, without any family she had been allowed to stay.]

[All this time later and the two of them were still as close as they could be. They were the only ones who believed. Believed in Asgard and the Guardians. Jamie's other friends outgrew their belief, while Sophie only continued to believe in the Easter Bunny completely. Sure she enjoyed the stories they told but Sophie talked less and less about the Guardians. He was almost afraid to ask if she could still see them.]

[Last summer Jamie had graduated from high school and in less than a month would be attending college in a place he knew would have snow in the winter. Right now he was working a summer job down at the library, which he was coming home from. He let himself in through the backdoor of the house, toeing off his shoes and dropping his backpack on a table before following his nose to the kitchen where he fully expected to see Alice making something delicious.]

I'm home.
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[Time becomes sort of an abstract thing in the lower levels of the Core's shining world. She doesn't know how long it's been since she walked away from the Temple, the Order and more importantly - her Master. Weeks, months - long enough to replace her lightsaber with a vibrorapier and become far too comfortable with the seedier side of the planet. Her new weapon wasn't nearly as comforting as having her lightsaber but that weapon was one of the few things she'd left behind. Surely her Master had it now, he was about as good as letting things go as she was.]

[Chances were good that she wouldn't see him again, not in person. His face was all over the holonews but that was hardly a surprise considering he was still fighting the war. It meant he was still alive even without her there by his side. Anakin had very few reasons to come down to this part of Coruscant yet despite that, Ahsoka had found herself a cloak capable of hiding her face. It kept her hidden from other prying eyes that might be interested in her business, her image had been plastered everywhere with a bounty not that long ago.]

[Her days consist of working a job at one of the many diners. Her nights were a different story. Those she spent lurking around the places where the lowest of the low go to relax. Usually sitting at the counter or in a darkened corner to listen to what was going on. Tonight was one of those rare occasions when Ahsoka follows a patron out of the establishment, intending to intercept them before they could get to their destination.]

[Unfortunately her focus is entirely on her target and she doesn't notice the familiarity of the person she bumps into.]

Sorry, my mistake.
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Welcome to the blizzard, temperatures are below freezing, the wind is howling and more snow piles on top of the old stuff that already landed. Nearby there's a small dry cave, the wind blows away from the entrance. It's the only shelter from the storm and there are signs that others have used it as shelter before from the looks of the raggedy blanket and small stock of firewood.

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[A year. It was going to take a year to get the Enterprise up and running. That's what they'd told him shortly after he'd woken up. Just thinking about it made Kirk antsy. Unfortunately Bones would not let him leave to inspect his wounded and grounded ship. Not until he was sure there weren't any side affects from injecting Khan's blood into him to bring him back to life. The damn doctor had even set up a security team outside his door to make sure he didn't escape.]

[So here he was, sitting on the bed in the middle of the night with his PADD in hand. If he couldn't go to see his ship, then he could at least still work from his bed - Bones had allowed that much earlier today. And there was so much to go through, things his First Officer couldn't have signed off on while Kirk was out for two weeks.]

[The view screen was on, quiet background noise as he works. It's on some old movie because all the news channels are still playing footage of the devastation left behind by. He looks comfortable resting against the plush pillow if not focused on the task at hand. If Bones or a nurse walks in, chances are he wouldn't even notice.]
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[It felt as if he'd just been hit by a bus. Or spent a night drinking it up with James and Remus and was now suffering the serious consequences. Everything was too blindingly white, and too bloody loud.

He tries to roll over without opening his eyes only to find himself falling off the medical table - stark naked. Silver eyes open slowly, one at a time to adjust to the brightness. Sirius took in the other tables, the stark silver and whiteness of the place that he'd only seen once before in his entire life. What the bloody hell was going on?

Instantly his hand goes to his neck where he feels the familiar collar that comes with being a part of the Facility. He breathes a sigh of relief at that before getting to his feet, not at all ashamed of his naked form.]

Remmy, Jamie? You here?

Secret Desires

May. 3rd, 2012 10:19 pm
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[He's bleeding when he practically tumbles into the apartment. The room swam and Michael clutches at the nearest surface, trying to blink the blood out of his eyes - to focus on something. Heal. Heal. But his body refused and the vague thought that they had done something to him crossed his mind before flitting off. It was hard trying to catch and hold on to a thought and the eldest angel was sure that he had a concussion.

The next thought comes suddenly. He. Was. Vulnerable.

It had taken every ounce of strength he had just to make it back to the semi-safety of their apartment. If they came for him - if anyone came for him there wouldn't be much of a fight on Michael's end. His head throbs and Michael closes his eyes against the spots that dance across his vision. Cuts litter his body from where SERO had taken samples, flesh stripped away to see what made the archangel tick underneath but while they burned it was the head injury that distracted him away from them.

He needed someone. Someone he could trust with his life. Someone who he hadn't called to his aid when they'd caught him off-guard because Michael wouldn't let be taken as well.]

Lucifer. [The name comes out hoarsely even though he'd denied them the pleasure of his screaming. It's a prayer - however lacking in words it might be. A desperate plea that would surely summon his brother to him.

Michael needed his brother, needed his protection, strength and that unbending love that only Lucifer could provide.]


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