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Prompt 1

[Night time while on the sea is one of Velvet's preferred time to be out on the deck of the Van Eltia. Most of the crew is below either eating in between their loud bouts of conversation and laughter or already hunkered down for the night. It means the quietest and emptiest place on the ship is on the deck with the few hands are still working to keep the ship moving along their course. Most of them don't bother to seek her out or attempt to talk to her when she's out and about, moving about their tasks while giving her space.

She's taken to sitting here and letting her gaze drift out over the quiet of the sea. In the dark of night she can even see the stars reflected in the distant stillness of the water, only broken when the Van Eltia cuts through it and disturbs the calm. On nights like this the sea is very much like Velvet, calm and serene on the surface but underneath lurks an immense danger - one capable of claiming any life that's unfortunate enough to fall in. It's something Velvet is reminded of every time they happen to be on board the ship on a night like this one. Sometimes a storm can come out of no where and threaten to consume everything that manages to get swept up in its raging waters. Only few are brave enough to face it down so it only seemed to make sense that Velvet would find herself aligned with those same individuals.

A light blooms behind her as the door that leads below deck opens and Velvet turns her head a small bit to see just who's coming up. Chances were good that if it wasn't one of the pirates then they were up here to find her.]

Prompt 2

[They've taken up a couple of rooms at the local inn and Velvet has commandeered the kitchen in order to make a meal. Just because she can't taste the food doesn't mean that she can't still cook. Usually she has Laphicet as her taste-tester so all of her dishes come out relatively good and hardly anyone ever complains about them (unless she's made mabo curry for the fifth time in a row). Tonight she's made a pork dish with a side of vegetables and potatoes.

For after the meal she's made pudding but only the young malak is aware of that fact as they're all sitting down to eat. Seeing as how Velvet can't actually enjoy her own meal, she can take the opportunity to look around at the others. Velvet has always enjoyed this part of cooking - getting to see how it's enjoyed, to see how their faces light up with the first bite.]

Prompt 3

[Wildcard. Can be canon or otherwise. Anything goes!]


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