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[Everything is soft. He's sure there hadn't been a softness before. Actually, Naruto is absolutely positive that there was pain and a grittiness that seemed to surround him. The evil voice in his head had been shouting at him to stay awake even as he sank into darkness. Any pain he had before was only a memory now, a result of the Kyuubi's regenerative healing capabilities that prevented his host from dying. He remembers fighting a rogue ninja and being hit by something he couldn't quite see. Whatever it was had knocked him to his knees and he hadn't been able to get up. Not for a lack of trying, though. Every movement sent boiling hot waves through his body, arms and legs grew heavy until he couldn't move. The jutsu had drained his physical strength while eating up his chakra as fast as he could form it.

In the end, Naruto had been bested by his opponent and his last memory was collapsing face down into the sand while futilely stating that he'd defeat the other ninja. A sharp pain had bloomed across the back of his head as the rogue slammed his foot down and finally sending him into darkness.

Without making a sound, Naruto forces his eyes open only to see nothing but more darkness. Though it's not the same kind of black that comes with being unconscious. Something is blocking his vision and it isn't that he's buried somewhere out in the desert. The softness tells him that. He lifts a hand to squish down the softness beneath his head and a faint white light falls over a pillow. Naruto isn't exactly sure where he is or how he got here but he can only assume that someone found him and dragged him out from beneath the boiling sun. For now, he's safe.

That's just how he feels. This is a safe place. Which is why he allows himself to stay relaxed though he does roll over onto his side and waits for some kind of twinge of remaining pain only to not experience it. Strange considering how bad the hurt had been when he'd been hit by that jutsu or poison or... whatever.

The only pain is in his throat. Naruto feels as if he swallowed a gallon of sand after collapsing, he sounds like it too when he manages to speak.]

Where am I?
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[Time becomes sort of an abstract thing in the lower levels of the Core's shining world. She doesn't know how long it's been since she walked away from the Temple, the Order and more importantly - her Master. Weeks, months - long enough to replace her lightsaber with a vibrorapier and become far too comfortable with the seedier side of the planet. Her new weapon wasn't nearly as comforting as having her lightsaber but that weapon was one of the few things she'd left behind. Surely her Master had it now, he was about as good as letting things go as she was.]

[Chances were good that she wouldn't see him again, not in person. His face was all over the holonews but that was hardly a surprise considering he was still fighting the war. It meant he was still alive even without her there by his side. Anakin had very few reasons to come down to this part of Coruscant yet despite that, Ahsoka had found herself a cloak capable of hiding her face. It kept her hidden from other prying eyes that might be interested in her business, her image had been plastered everywhere with a bounty not that long ago.]

[Her days consist of working a job at one of the many diners. Her nights were a different story. Those she spent lurking around the places where the lowest of the low go to relax. Usually sitting at the counter or in a darkened corner to listen to what was going on. Tonight was one of those rare occasions when Ahsoka follows a patron out of the establishment, intending to intercept them before they could get to their destination.]

[Unfortunately her focus is entirely on her target and she doesn't notice the familiarity of the person she bumps into.]

Sorry, my mistake.
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[A year. It was going to take a year to get the Enterprise up and running. That's what they'd told him shortly after he'd woken up. Just thinking about it made Kirk antsy. Unfortunately Bones would not let him leave to inspect his wounded and grounded ship. Not until he was sure there weren't any side affects from injecting Khan's blood into him to bring him back to life. The damn doctor had even set up a security team outside his door to make sure he didn't escape.]

[So here he was, sitting on the bed in the middle of the night with his PADD in hand. If he couldn't go to see his ship, then he could at least still work from his bed - Bones had allowed that much earlier today. And there was so much to go through, things his First Officer couldn't have signed off on while Kirk was out for two weeks.]

[The view screen was on, quiet background noise as he works. It's on some old movie because all the news channels are still playing footage of the devastation left behind by. He looks comfortable resting against the plush pillow if not focused on the task at hand. If Bones or a nurse walks in, chances are he wouldn't even notice.]


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