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This is an open musebox post!


1. Pick any muse(s). They don't have to be canonmates! Canonpoints are flexible for nearly all.

2. Got a starting idea? Put it up! If not, I'll come up with one. It can be shippy or not - doesn't matter.
2A. Need a prompt? Check out any of these writing exercise generators to get you started.

3. Enjoy! Don't worry about the pace, take it as easy or fast as you want. 。^‿^。
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you know the tropes by now: the room goes dark. you are kidnapped. you "rest your eyes for a moment". maybe you are dead. here is a meme to play out the PRESS START effect of joining a new game, the exciting first log where everyone gets to know each other. select your options!

• Leave a comment with your choice of character.
• Select a scenario + prompts. Mix and match!
• Have fun!

001 FUTURISTIC | Zapped into the future via time/space portal.
002 SEX-GAME | You're here to fuck your way to a better life/worship gods.
003 FANTASY | Live out your LARPing/GoT dreams.
004 HORROR | Science gone wrong? Monsters coming to eat you? Are YOU a monster now? Enjoy.
005 BORROWERS | Honey, I shrank the characters.
006 WARZONE | Grab your guns and magical wands.
007 SUPERCITY | Are you one of the good guys or not?
008 UNDERWATER | There IS no 'surface world'. Oh dear.
009 SPACE | Whether on a station or encountering other ships from your own.
000 WILD CARD | Your call.

001 LABS | A hospital or private facility
002 BEDROOM | Part of a bigger house.
003 MORGUE | Wake up alone or knock out the guy with the scalpel and escape.
004 BEACH | Sand gets EVERYWHERE. Go away, Mister Crab!
005 FOREST | A magical/beautiful glade. Oh look, a unicorn.
006 APARTMENT | It's all yours!
007 CAVE | A few supplies are nearby ... and maybe bones.
008 CONTAINMENT | Please wait while your results are analyzed.
009 DUNGEON/PRISON | Could be sexy, could ... really not.
000 WILD CARD | Your call.

001 SCARED | Calming someone down.
002 ANGRY | They better let you out or it's clobberin' time!
003 MELANCHOLY | Hopelessness of the emo variety.
004 HAPPY | This is great! Don't you think?
005 HORNY | Induced hormonal shift? Just up for it right away? Tap that.
000 WILD CARD | Your call.

You're now in a universe where destined soul mates exist! Anything can happen.

• Leave a comment with your choice of character.
• Select a scenario + prompts. Mix and match!
• Have fun!

I TATTOOS | Your character has a tattoo of the first words the love of their life will say to them
II FAMILIARS | Your character has an animal tattoo representing their soul mate on them. usually they move around too!
II GLOW | The first time your character sees their soul mate, their chests glow!
IV WORLD IN COLOR | Life is literally black and white, until you see your soul mate for the first time
V TOUCH | Your characters have no idea who their soul mate is until they touch them
VI TICK TOCK |VII DREAMS | Where your character constantly dreams in their soul mate's point of view until they meet
VIII 'TIL DEATH DO US PART | Only your character's true love is able to kill them
IX REINCARNATION | Your character meets their love, and remember their past lives together at the same time
X WILD CARD | Your call.

I FIRST MEETING | You've never met this person before.
II CHILDHOOD MATES | You've always known this person -- but on one particular birthday, everything changes.
III TOGETHER | You've been in a relationship for awhile now! happily wed or not, you decide.
IV NOT TOGETHER | You've known you're soul mates for a long time, and yet have avoided a relationship.
X WILD CARD | Your call.

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Welcome to the blizzard, temperatures are below freezing, the wind is howling and more snow piles on top of the old stuff that already landed. Nearby there's a small dry cave, the wind blows away from the entrance. It's the only shelter from the storm and there are signs that others have used it as shelter before from the looks of the raggedy blanket and small stock of firewood.


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