Secret Desires

May. 3rd, 2012 10:19 pm
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[He's bleeding when he practically tumbles into the apartment. The room swam and Michael clutches at the nearest surface, trying to blink the blood out of his eyes - to focus on something. Heal. Heal. But his body refused and the vague thought that they had done something to him crossed his mind before flitting off. It was hard trying to catch and hold on to a thought and the eldest angel was sure that he had a concussion.

The next thought comes suddenly. He. Was. Vulnerable.

It had taken every ounce of strength he had just to make it back to the semi-safety of their apartment. If they came for him - if anyone came for him there wouldn't be much of a fight on Michael's end. His head throbs and Michael closes his eyes against the spots that dance across his vision. Cuts litter his body from where SERO had taken samples, flesh stripped away to see what made the archangel tick underneath but while they burned it was the head injury that distracted him away from them.

He needed someone. Someone he could trust with his life. Someone who he hadn't called to his aid when they'd caught him off-guard because Michael wouldn't let be taken as well.]

Lucifer. [The name comes out hoarsely even though he'd denied them the pleasure of his screaming. It's a prayer - however lacking in words it might be. A desperate plea that would surely summon his brother to him.

Michael needed his brother, needed his protection, strength and that unbending love that only Lucifer could provide.]


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