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[Yuri found himself hating living in the house. Didn't really know why considering he had memories of living in it. Maybe because it contradicted the memories he had of traveling so much. Maybe it was simply the idea that he didn't feel like he really belonged there. It had no real sense of the feeling home should produce in his heart. He felt like a stranger inside his own house and so he spent as little time there as possible. During the day it wasn't so bad, he could go anywhere he wanted - duck into shops, walk around and look at all the people.

At night though, he'd sometimes end up walking up to his darkened house and not even bother going past the front door. The best times where when he stayed late over at Alice's. Even though her house didn't give off the sense of home either, the fact that Alice was there was enough for him to ignore that feeling. Anywhere Alice was is exactly where Yuri wanted to be. So when she let him stay the night were the best.

When she didn't, Yuri would often find himself taking to the woods to spend the night out camping. Had himself a permanent place out there. There was a ring of rocks where he built his fires and had blankets, a tent and everything he'd need even in the middle of winter. Blanca seemed to prefer this as well. Rarely did the wolf take to being in the house. Actually, he liked being in the houses even less than Yuri did so he was often coming along when Yuri was out camping or would take up space in Alice's backyard when the nights weren't too cold or the weather wasn't bad.

Tonight is one of the nights where Yuri shows up on Alice's porch, ringing the doorbell at a decent hour. It's not yet dark outside but he hadn't exactly called to tell her that he was going to be showing up either.]


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