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[Time becomes sort of an abstract thing in the lower levels of the Core's shining world. She doesn't know how long it's been since she walked away from the Temple, the Order and more importantly - her Master. Weeks, months - long enough to replace her lightsaber with a vibrorapier and become far too comfortable with the seedier side of the planet. Her new weapon wasn't nearly as comforting as having her lightsaber but that weapon was one of the few things she'd left behind. Surely her Master had it now, he was about as good as letting things go as she was.]

[Chances were good that she wouldn't see him again, not in person. His face was all over the holonews but that was hardly a surprise considering he was still fighting the war. It meant he was still alive even without her there by his side. Anakin had very few reasons to come down to this part of Coruscant yet despite that, Ahsoka had found herself a cloak capable of hiding her face. It kept her hidden from other prying eyes that might be interested in her business, her image had been plastered everywhere with a bounty not that long ago.]

[Her days consist of working a job at one of the many diners. Her nights were a different story. Those she spent lurking around the places where the lowest of the low go to relax. Usually sitting at the counter or in a darkened corner to listen to what was going on. Tonight was one of those rare occasions when Ahsoka follows a patron out of the establishment, intending to intercept them before they could get to their destination.]

[Unfortunately her focus is entirely on her target and she doesn't notice the familiarity of the person she bumps into.]

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