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[A year. It was going to take a year to get the Enterprise up and running. That's what they'd told him shortly after he'd woken up. Just thinking about it made Kirk antsy. Unfortunately Bones would not let him leave to inspect his wounded and grounded ship. Not until he was sure there weren't any side affects from injecting Khan's blood into him to bring him back to life. The damn doctor had even set up a security team outside his door to make sure he didn't escape.]

[So here he was, sitting on the bed in the middle of the night with his PADD in hand. If he couldn't go to see his ship, then he could at least still work from his bed - Bones had allowed that much earlier today. And there was so much to go through, things his First Officer couldn't have signed off on while Kirk was out for two weeks.]

[The view screen was on, quiet background noise as he works. It's on some old movie because all the news channels are still playing footage of the devastation left behind by. He looks comfortable resting against the plush pillow if not focused on the task at hand. If Bones or a nurse walks in, chances are he wouldn't even notice.]


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