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Getting to know Xae

Hello all! My handle name is Xaetel or Xae for short. I'm female and feel like I'm not as old as I actually am. I do housekeeping and personal care for the physically disabled. I own four cats and live with my girlfriend and her mom. Currently I live in Colorado which puts me in MST but stay up way too late and don't get up until the afternoon on most days.

Most of my interests revolve around reading, writing, sewing, enjoying nature, talking online with friends. I enjoy a wide variety of anime/manga which is where a lot of my muses come from but also have some live action, book, cartoon and video muses as well. While I do like video games, I'm not that big of a gamer. Still, I'm not daunted by the length of a series and am always looking for new fandoms to get into so if you have any to suggest, just drop me a line!

I've been RPing on LJ/IJ/DW since about 2009 and have been in many games since I first started. Some of the bigger ones were [community profile] a_facility, [community profile] sirenspull, [community profile] somarium, [community profile] asgardeventide, [community profile] maskormenace and various others. Currently the only game I'm in is [community profile] inugamirpg.